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Intro to CFEngine session

Cfengine, or the configuration engine is an autonomous agent and a middle to high level policy language and agent for building expert systems to administrate and configure large computer networks. Cfengine is designed to be a part of a computer immune system. It is ideal for cluster management and has been adopted for use all over the world in small and huge organizations alike.

this is a chance to learn about an advanced administration tool from someone who uses it in his daily work.

Session Plan

  • short introduction, me, what i've worked in (mainly debian, fai, cfengine)
  • cfengine, what is it, why using, what are possible benefits
  • basic concept of cfengine: actions, classes, modules
  • explanation of a simple basic example:
    1. /etc/cfengine/cfagent.conf - will give an impression of a basic cfengine configuration
    2. /etc/cfengine/cf.cairo - if the cfengine code that take the variable and edit the target (i.e. /etc/ssh/sshd_config)
    3. /etc/cfcairo/ - we have to export this "variable=value" for cfengine
    4. /etc/cfcairo/cairovar - we want to hold our values to be pushed to the configuration, let's say ssh password auth yes or no... maybe other
  • To close the explanation i will give some short hints on how cfengine will work in a network ("single point of administration") i guess there will not be enough time to prepare an environment to show an example on this. But with the basics you should be able to go ahead with it.


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Sarge installed and ready for the session.

Thanks Ayman for bring cds and installation. Thanks also to El-Sakia for letting us to 10:15 at the lab.

Youssef : Cellphone is great invention if you got at least one number to call:-).privet message is not helpful.

Diaa Radwan

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need help

ok folks we need someone to install sarge on one of the sakia pcs for the cfengine session.

any volunteers? who has debian sarge cds?


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

i can install the sarge and i have the cd's

hi all ,

i have already the sarge cd's (15 cd's) and i am willing to install sarge if you like . this my defalut system in my office.

Re. thank you for your wonderful conference 13-15 march.

Best Regards,, ayman amin

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that would be great

can you come on the next saturday gathering to do the install.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

ok what time on next saturday

hi alla ,

ok , in which time i can come to make the sarge installtion , i can come after 17.30 P.M , is it ok for you ??

Best Regards,, ayman main

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at gathering.

We have every Saturday gathering ,from 3pm to 7pm .so you are welcome at this time ,if you came at 17:30 ,I think we have time to do it.

ps: if you create an account ,your comments will be displayed as soon as you submit it. otherwise it will be delayed (at the time) on approval queue due to spammers efforts.

Diaa Radwan

i am already registered !!

hi ,

i am already registered , aymandb2002, ok see you next Saturday.

Best Regards,, ayman amin

i am so sorrey for not coming yasterday

hi all

for the personall reasons , i could not come yasterday , so can you tell me when can i come to install sarge .

Best Regards,, ayman amin

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we watied you.

If it possible today at 4 o'clock will be OK.I will be there by 4 if you are willing to commitment this time.

we have Gnu/linux beginners course so we should finish early as possible and prepare the computer to have other gnu/linux installation.

Otherwise MohamedSamer will download the needed cds to have the CFEngine work.

Diaa Radwan

i can come at 17:30 today

hi diaa ,

i can come at 17.30 , please inform me if it is ok for you .

Best Regards,, ayman

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You are welcome.

But by 17:30,I should start the first gnu/Linux session.and El-Sakia told me there 7 attendee.our lab has exact 7 computers.which means that we will not be able to install sarge at this time.

but u can leave the CDs and may i try to install it after the first session at 20:00 ,if there an event at el Sakia I will not be able to install them.

is this ok with you?

Tuesday will be something similar and Monday I do not think any of our volunteers will be there.

Diaa Radwan

i can come at 20:00 today

hi diaa ,

i can not leave the cd's because i am using it daily , so if at 20:00 suitable for you today or later i can come and install it togther and take the cd's with me again . is it ok with you ??

Best Regards,, ayman

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It is ok.

It is ok . If we can not stay at el sakia (this the most probably),I will bring my I can have a copy of them and i will install it later.

Diaa Radwan

that is ok just tell me the suitable time today

that is ok , so at 20:00 ok for you or would you like to make it later today .

please inform me about the suitable time for you .

Regards,, ayman

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20:00 will be Ok.

ask about Linux case they told you are not allowed now to pass to Linux lab due to an event or something you could wait me at El-sakia garden.when ever you see someone holding his lap-top working it is me.

my avatar is misleading do not try to recognize me through the picture:-) .

Diaa Radwan

see you at 20:00 today !!

hi diaa ,

ok see you at 20:00 today .

Best Regards,, ayman amin

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it's 2005

Haven't you two heard of cellphones?




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I can download the CDs, But I

I can download the CDs, But I don't think I have free time even to attend the session :|

Quote "c u next life time then when i come back as a mug of tea :P"

Dr. Radut | flexinode-4