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Gentoo linux couldn't open XDM

salamo 3alekom

the problem that i could install gentoo linux make every thing work right but i have a problem with gnome i couldn't get it work

currently i write this message throw the generic Xwindows System

because i couldn't run gnome-sesion

when i try to run xdm the screen appear to be start but it then turn off and begin again

my video card is nvidia GeForce 2 i couldn't run the merged nvidia-kernel module

so i use my own nvidia driver

also i coudn't get the Xwindows system without replacing the driver from "nv" to "nvidia any help

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One by One

What you describe here are many different problems.

First if you want to use gentoo, you have to read their handbook well. install a text only browser and start reading. Installing gpm for console mouse support makes life easier with scrolling and copy/paste/

emerge -pv gpm elinks

[ebuild   R   ] sys-libs/gpm-1.20.1-r4  (-selinux) 0 kB
[ebuild  N    ] www-client/elinks-0.10.3  +X +gpm +guile +ipv6 -lua +ssl +zlib 0 kB

as you can see elinks has a use flag for lots of things. set them like this

USE="$USE gpm ssl zlib" emerge gpm elinks

add anything you like. The above method is just a quick way to do it. The correct way is to record the use flags in /etc/make.conf for global use flags and in /etc/portage/package.use for individual packages.

next the nvidia driver:

emerge nvidia-glx nvidia-kernel opengl-update

after it finishes do this:

opengl-update nvidia

next get your X to work by writing a good XF86Config. I assume you have emerged Xorg. use xorgcfg or xorgconfig. See the web for this one.

next emerge your gnome DE. best to start with the light meta-build.

emerge gnome-light

now make sure your X works and add the xdm startup script to your default runlevel.

Add gdm as default manager :

in /etc/rc.conf DISPLAYMANAGER="gdm" or /etc/conf.d/xdm DISPLAYMANAGER="gdm"

and then

rc-update add xdm default

That's about it.

ur right

salamo 3alekom

u'r right i'm in some hurry but actually i'v already installed lynx as text mode browser

i made the installation step by step with them

i open two session

one contained the installation doc and other conatin my work

i set up my network and get it work but the problem appeared after first reboot first the OS couldn't autoload nvidia and solved it by replcaing their driver by the one downloaded directly from nvidia

then OS could successfully load it is there's anything wrong till now??

when i try xfreeconfig i always fail but when i try to run startx directly it tell me that it couldn't load nv

and generate an so i modify it with nvidia

then when i try to startx i could open Xwindows system to install both gnome and X11 i use the package CD using export PKGDIR=/mnt/cdrom emereg -k gnome

which install both gnome and X

is there's any thing wrong till now

the only problem in xdm so i'll try ur last advice

if i made anything wrong in the these steps tell me ...

thanks again

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Mostly correct

I started by bootstrapping from stage 0 , I didn't use any binary packages. But most of what you did is ok.

If you still have the problem, paste the error here, maybe I can help.

temporary gives up

salamo 3lakom

installation from stage 0 is very nice but it needs long time

curretly i use ubnutu dirstro

i'll try with gentoo again later in my long holiday

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