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speedtouch 330 adsl modem, No ISPs from egypt in drakconnect.

hello, i'm a pretty newbie to GNU/Linux, i have mandrake linux 10.1 download version and speedtouch 330 adsl modem, plz don't hate me, i know there was some topics which is pretty similar to this one but his is different (as i suppose).

anyway... everything is just fine, my modem is recognized and i also provided it's firmare, so that's not the problem.

the problem is when i create a new a connection from the control center i get something weird, i select my connection type, then my adsl modem, now... here's the part, it shows me ISPs from many countries but egypt is not listed, and there's no option to make one discluded in the list, plz help me.

thanks in advance.

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I've retitled the post.

I've retitled the post.

Quote "c u next life time then when i come back as a mug of tea :P"

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I don't know, Wait for a mand

I don't know, Please wait for a mandrake user to reply.

Quote "c u next life time then when i come back as a mug of tea :P"

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the difference is in the VPI

the difference is in the VPI and VCI settings so just pick any ISP that is compatible with your's i.e france is 8.35 and some of our ISPs use the same settings but others use 0.35 so check your ISP

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LinkDotNet DSL is matchable to an ordinary Dial-up connection

This is Usman Khawaja from Sialkot-Pakistan and I am using broadband DSL connection – 1Mbps of Link Dot Net. I had a very poor experience of Link Dot Net’s DSL connection. Currently they are suffering by “recurrent internet disconnection and speed issues”. Now one month has passed but the issues still persist. So I will recommend everyone not to buy pain of using LinkDotNet.

Thanks for your attention.

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Link uses 0.35 AFAIk... you may call the technical support to make sure.

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ok you are welcome

there is no obligation that we should/must solve your problem,we are not the paid-technical support of your service provider. this totally voluntary thing.

we try to help people with our resource if it does not fit your needs, it is not our fault.

what should we do . do u expect someone from us would buy your same hardware and try to figure out how the thing will work? and feed you the answer providing 7/24 helpdesk.

instead of saying you have no good and bala. try to solve the problem your self and we do thank you if you will write down how this thing will work.

Diaa Radwan


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poland --------------------


the best things in life are free --- so is myself

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