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Open-Source Definition, benefits and Problems faced and MICROSOFT

Sharing the source code to all who need it within

<>The Open Source Definition introduced by the Open Source Initiative Free redistribution: The user must be free to sell or give away the software. Source code: The program must include source code.

Derived works: The license must allow distribution of modifications and derived works.

Integrity of the author’s source code: The license may restrict source distribution only if it allows patch files to modify the program at build time.

No discrimination: The license may not restrict use of the software based on any persons, groups or fields of endeavor.

Distribution of license: The license must be automatic.

License must not be specific to a product: The license must not restrict rights to a specific product. License must not

contaminate other software: The license must not place restrictions on other software distributed with the licensed software.

1-OSS software is developed by students and lacked experience This point is so far from the truth as most of OSS are made by highly experienced people who wants to offer their effort for people ex. Linux is one of the greatest OSS - if it is not the great (it' not Alaa) - is made by thousands of highly experienced and most of them has a great background in his branch and they also have a high skills in programming concept, 2- When the leading developers leave the project, the project dies. a- In community concept there is a structure for the design if one of the leading developers leave his task will be rescheduling to other qualified b-The persons who join communities no one force them to join communities they have certain goal they want to achieve it they really want to help people. Rarely one of them leaves the community if he joins the These words says from one didn't search for support b/c the support of OSS is already exist at any time from any location there is a specified boards in almost every OSS that discuss the problems , solutions , bugs , fixes , Some old versions OSS may be complicated in GUI but recently most of OSS developers have been interested in making their program friendly user programming tools like MYSQL (remember it has two licenses one GNU

Open source software development allows programmers to cooperate freely their programs and its source code with other programmers , all these and those enhance their conceptual programming open source software increases the ratio of software quality b/c the programmer cant let a hole in the program b/c he know that there are people will inspect the code carefully Most of OSS made to be general in their branch rather than to be specific to certain problem with some simple customization it can fit your needs as you go to tailor to adjust your father clothes to fit you!!!(there is no na6oosh here) and even if they made it to certain problem like your problem you can customize the code according to the license b/c the application is OSS programmers will use this software -to feel his effort - and will spread the software to his friend but his young brother will be forced to use this software even he didn't know computer even English of course for testing

Why they didn't mention honor and unselfishness b/c these words doesn't exist in

HouseValues, Inc. Move to Windows 2000 Server from Linux Boosts Performance and Agility, Reduces Operations Costs by 50%, Saves Because there are more and better development tools available for Windows than for Linux—the difference is like night and day—we can bring new and more powerful applications to our customers more quickly and easily, and support a more robust, feature-rich Web-based

Microsoft remains adamant that commercial reasons prevent it from simply putting the source code - its "crown jewels" - in the public (

Source: Gartner Research


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