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Demote , Promote and Sticky on top (front page actions)

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this is a proposal and it is a wiki page feel free to modify them.I manged to classify every content type we have and it's availability to be promoted on front page .

  • Reports on events.
  • Announcements on Eglug internals (elections,nominee,statistics of eglug, eglug members software releases) .
  • Interviews

our forum topics which has some specific technical stuff(troubles,problems) should not jump on front page ,except it has something that every body should read or give an opinion (like website related topics)

  • report on events
  • announcement on events

  • major events that a long awaited by community
  • events that announced lately and there is no time to promote for it .
  • Deep technical events(sessions).
  • cooperation with NGO Partners or affiliates

  • informative blogs concerning with gnu/linux
  • foss related blogs(which will benefit the community as indvidual and it is the eglug point of view) like saying there is a rumor that eglug distrubuite pairated copies of proprietary software

I do not think there is an image should be promoted to our website. except it is embedded on a book page.

the place of icons already on the front page.

Dr. Radut | book