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TV tuner

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does anyone know of certain TV tuner card that works under linux ?

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WinTV does

any tv card may work with Linux

I used to be indecisive .. but now I'm not so sure

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Well not ALL cards work. Most

Well not ALL cards work. Most do.

There is a difference between a DVB card and a TV card. So make sure you know which one you want.

DVB = digital satellite broadcast ( like a reciever ).

TV tuner = only for normal ground broadcast ( like a TV ).

The ones usually available in the market are "lifeView" brands. These cards are divided by their chipset. I personally tried TV cards that are based on the "bttv" and "saa7134" and they worked ok (these are also the names of the kernel modules). Sometimes the cheap versions of these cards can not work with autodetection of the tuner type ( another chip on the card ). So you have to pass the tuner type as a kernel module parameter. The kernel documentation is your refrence here.

For DVB cards avoid "Twinhan" cards like the plague. They will freeze your computer at startup if you are using recent kernels like 2.6.10 or .11 ( This is my own personal experience ).

Check the different available Hardware compatibility lists to be sure before buying anything:

Mythtv is not a TV tuning program. From the mythtv page : "MythTV is a homebrew PVR project". This means it manages recording and streaming for example using other tools.

"xawtv" is the standard tv tuner , but I don't like it.

"tvtime" is a very good easy to use tvtuner.

"mplayer" has good TV tuning capibilities but the its command line is hell.

tuning problem

hi all

i have a problem here i don't know how to configure the channel list using tvtime and how to make the tuner catch the Egyptian ground channels in windows it was easy by using the LifeView TVR software .... my tvtuner is correctly configured and installed using bttv module and it was clear when i made

"dmesg |grep tuner" and the o/p was " 
[    9.443669] saa7134[0]: there are different flyvideo cards with different tuners
[    9.443670] saa7134[0]: out there, you might have to use the tuner=<nr> insmod
[    9.672027] tuner' 0-0061: chip found @ 0xc2 (saa7134[0])
[    9.717942] psmouse serio1: ID: 10 00 64<6>tuner-simple 0-0061: creating new instance
[    9.725026] tuner-simple 0-0061: type set to 5 (Philips PAL_BG (FI1216 and compatibles))"

so any one know how the tv system in egypt works or has a batch for this send me it soon plzzz

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i think u use saa7134

i think u use saa7134 module, not the bttv any way, plz can u tell us did u get any pic yet? even static noise? if no, send the output of command 'lspci' to tell the chipset


yes i got pic but

yes , I got pic but using the audio , video wire by using the composite1 mode.

I got my card working but it

I got my card working but it required a lot of work. Sure as hell not as easy as the plug and play for Windows

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