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PHP preg_replace and Arabic

Hi all,

I'm trying to use preg_replace for some Arabic text normalization. Specifically, convert all end-of-word 'ي' to 'ى'. So I used the following:

preg_replace('/ي\b/', 'ى', $subject);

Has anybody encountered this before?

TIA, Karim

Alaa's picture

php unicode support sucks

until recently pcre functions did not support UTF-8 at all, now they do but you have to add a to all your regular expressions to indicate that this is unicode text.


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mb_ereg_replace did it

Thanks Alaa,

mb_ereg_replace did the trick - the POSIX syntax is just more annoying than PCRE...

As for /u, it didn't work, but then I did not pursue it very far.

Thanks again,

If I were you..

If I were you, I'd do my best to get it to work using preg_replace with /u modifier, because mb library is not available on many php installations.

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