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What is the best distro for a beginner (New ba2a sorry!!)

hello guys,

I know it may be a stupid question but any way.. in your opinion what is the best Linux to start with, I never installed is b4 on my machine .. as I remember .. about a years or couple ago; I got a redhat 2CDs from a friend but I couldn't install it.. so - lw feeha rakhama ya3ni - after you told me the best ver. of Linux (TO START WITH) don't forget to tell me how to install Thanks ya shabab!

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OF COURSE you can

I think Mandrake is more friendly than the others.You can get a copy of Mandrake 10.1 from the Sakia. As I know if you have a Linux and want to install M$Windows the windows will overwrite the booting information it means that you will not see the switching screen to choice between your operating systems and will load windows automatically although you have Linux in your machine. In this case you need to rewrite booting information (boot loader)and it is too easy to do.

so if i installl xpo and then

so if i installl xpo and then linux will i get to dual boot?

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yes off course,

Linux bootloaders are using the first 446 bytes while ms is using the first sector on the partition. If you installed linux after windows the windows loader will not change. it will be option that points to the windows loader on any of linux loaders.

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To avoid bootloader problems

To avoid bootloader problems on a dual-boot machine (that is, u have both linux and windows installed on the same HDD (Hard Disk Drive) but each on a different partition) u can use a "boot manager".. but first u have to know that on any given HDD you can have ONLY ONE MBR (Master Boot Record) at the very first sector of the HDD and one boot sector per each other partition.. lets give an example (in windows terminology) have a HDD with three partitions

C: (Primary Partition, has the MBR (master boot record), has Windows installed)

D: (Secondary Partition, has a boot sector, has Mandriva installed )

E: (Secondary Partion, has a boot sector, has SuSe installed)

note: some of the information presented above are not technically accurate but was geared toward simplicty


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