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Phaeronix boot errors

Al salam 3alikom: I faced some troubles with phaeronix live cd:

1-on desktop PC: It hangs at " looking for data modules " I tired to pass the available options , but the error remains. PC config (PIII 1200, 256 RAM,IDE HD, LG CD-ROM 48X).

2-on notebook: It hangs at " detecting coldplug " PC config ( IMB ThinkPad T-40 with USB Hitachi HD ).

3- phaeronix successfully works at ( P4, 512 RAM , Samsung CD-ROM 52X) But the boot process was slow when I compare it with Knoppix Distro

Note: I tried Knoppix Disto , and it works with no problem on both cases(1,2)

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dma and stuff

Problems 1 and 3 look like broken CD-ROM drives, try to boot with the "nodma" option. AFAIK Knoppix doesn't activate DMA by default ( you have to boot with "dma" option to activate it ).

When the phaeronix logo appears type "linux nodma" without the quotes.

Problem 2 might be an offending module. Try playing with the boot options "noapic", "nolapic". But we might need a live debugging session. We can agree on a time where you will have access to the laptop and we can work out the problem.

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oooh ! I didn't notice that i

oooh ! I didn't notice that it was USB drive.

Well my bad, this is actually a bug in this release and is listed on my website. It's a missing module in the initrd that is essential to get usb working.

So contact me if you want an initrd that will work with external USB cdrom.

But I see you saying HD. Hard disk? You mean you installed it ? Well that's a different thing. I didn't set it up to use an initrd on the hard disk. So it's kinda a desing limitation. If this is your situation and you are serious about using phaeronix, I will add this feature.

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