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Linux wallpapers

Just have some linux wallpapers I wanted to share with every one Please forgive me If this is not the correct place for such stuff, I am new here :D

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Wall Papers section

to submit an image go create content --> image --> select the proper Image Galleries(we have many section)

for the wallpapers section the image should be of your design ,do not post people's designs and stuff.

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depending on the license the

depending on the license the wallpapers are under you might be able to post them.

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but links are better

its not a good idea to post here what can be provided by other websites, he can place links and thumbnails here, or screenshots with the backgrounds and links in the comment under the screenshot instead.


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thx gedan ana tany wa7da de kont dayekh 3aleha :) ___

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Let's leech ;-)

Couldn't paste it here, It broke the page!

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