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iPod Mounting

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Hi every one ...

I have an iPod Apple one !!!!! how to mount it .. I tried mount -t usbfs /dev/sda

but it showd some strange files

I guess it may be ramfs !!! not sure .. but didn't try yet ..

Hope u help in this ..

Your Friend

Zxeem *

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for i pod you can always use gtkpod, i installed it using yum and after that i could mount it easely if i wanted but gtk pod does all the work so no need to mount

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Thanks Alot .. But

Thanks alot for your help .. But there are some issues I need to discuse

1- I need to know how to mount it .. or what is the file system of it .. 2- I wanna know if the File System of the iPod is the same of the FlashMemory .. And if not what is the FS of the FlashMemory !!! 3- I am using KDE and Hate Gnome .. Does this Affects programs uses GTK (acctually I don't think so .. But Just asking )

Hope you help :D


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GTK is not necessarily gnome

GTK is not necessarily gnome so you can run in KDE i don't know the FS but it is not of the flash memory AFAIK also it differs between the iPod and the iPod shuffle AFAIK

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Failed Depend*

Hi Every one.

Sorry for Late in Thanks /.. But thank u any way !! and another thing ..

GTKpod didnt work .. this is what i get

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by gtkpod-0.85.0-1.1.fc3.rf.i386

Note: I am installing FC3 with all Packages .. And updating the kernel and using KDE 3.4 ..... dont think this helps .. but just saying !!

any way .. hope u help


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if u use fedora then do a yum

if u use fedora then do a yum install gtkpod and it will install the dependecied libid3tag is not included in the distro

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New Ipods come unformatted.

New Ipods come unformatted. If it was formatted on a windows machine, it will be vfat if it was formatted on a mac machine, it will be hpfs (I think)

And as I recall, the path is /dev/sda2 not /dev/sda.

You can use mount without the -t option and it will try to figgure out which partition type it is automatically.

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Thanks .. but ...

The iPod always appear as /dev/sda I don't see any partitions .!!! I got that from kmenu --> System Tools --> Hardware Browser !!!

when I mounted it as usbfs .. it showed some unknow files !! I couldn't open !! then I realized that it shall has Partions sda1 sda2 things lIke this but I can't find them .. any way .. I will try again :-D Thanks again


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1- Don't use any kernel based

1- Don't use any kernel based on 2.6.12-rc4 upto rc5

2- update to latest udev

3- don't mount as usbfs. this is a pseudo filesystem mounted at /proc/bus/usb to show usb stuff.

4- Does it work in windows? If so does it need special software ( like locking or password stuff )

5- if it doesn't then there are no partitions on it and you have to create them with fdisk or parted or whatever you use.

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