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MYSQL problems

Another problem i faced, I get the DataBase tables from the server but i can't modify Data, i got a message told me that it is a read only DataBase.

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and its working fine with arabic

I don't use a graphical clien

So if you want to be able to write to the database, you need to enable the writing mode (or disable the protected mode :), you can do so by clicking a menu item or two, I don't know where this option can be found in Navicat, but it should be easy to find :-). - Amr

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file permission

did you chk the file perms?

-I used to be indecisive .. but now I'm not so sure

No Problem in file permission.

No Problem in file permission.

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chk dir

chk dir perms too. because dir perms also affect writing

-I used to be indecisive .. but now I'm not so sure

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i use mysqlcc (mysql control

maybe you can't edit because of the user permissions or maybe your gui locks it so mysqlcc will solve that

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IT seems a MYSQL problem

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For database administration I

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