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.ape files

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The trap, Windows users never think about the users of other Operating systems.

I've downloaded a .ape file, Sure I didn't know this before the download completed.

Now what ? a bit of googling showed me that this is a monkey audio format or whatever it's called.

Looks like there's something called cue2wav that can solve it but the page seems down or whatever.

Anyway I failed to build the SDK and I'm using the linux port to get a wav. Now that I have a wav let's split it. The guy was nice to include a "cue" sheet so let's get a list of breakpoints:

cuebreakpoints foo.cue 3:29.56 8:13.37 13:43.38 23:07.40 32:03.08 34:56.09 39:28.47 45:06.34 49:30.71 54:25.68 59:14.67

Then we can feed them to shntool and split the file. shntool split foo.wav "it'll read the split points from stdin!".


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Monkey Audio Console Front End (by matthew T Ashland)

decompresses it into .wav format. that's what I do

use the mac front-end.

do you have that binary?

-I used to be indecisive .. but now I'm not so sure

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Get the tarball from the sour

Get the tarball from the sourceforge page and compile it, This is what I did and it worked fine.

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