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Creative Modem

Hi I have a Creative Modem DI5655 and it dosn't work with Mandrake 10 Is there is any selution to configer it??

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Re: Creative Modem

Hi your modem has only a driver that works with very old kernels.

which means you will miss many of the speed and stability improvments of the newer kernels and many of the new hardware support.

I recommend you buy a new modem, but if you insist here is what you have to do.

to install the two packages, just double click on them from your filemanager or run this as root

once the kernel is installed you will need to reboot your system, new options will be provided in your lilo boot menu you should get something like 2220-9 or 22-20-9 choose this.

if your system loads correctly then you're ready to install the driver, if it doesn't then your system is not supported by the old 2.2 kernel and you'd better buy a new modem.

please if you find it post a link here.


Creative external modem

I have old external Creative modem, its speed is 28.8 - will it work good or not? Regards

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all external SERIAL modems work perfectly

no need to worry



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