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draft 1st annual meeting minutes

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  • Sitting on a green lawn in the sakia's garden
  • 25 member, but by the end we where 35


  • Each member is telling how he heared about the group
  • Many of the members knew about eglug from the Installfest and word of mouth
  • Alaa started asking if there is problems with the EGLUG website
  • Members starting saying their opinions about the site design (mdkman)
  • Debate if we are just a forum for technical support or a platform for making activities
  • News are published without explaining the locations and other stuff to new visitors
  • We need someone who is willing to spend some time on the site design and the improvement


  • We could send email for every event we do. Subscribing to the event mail could be optional
  • Meeso complains that the site is overloaded with links that makes him confused and he wonders if they can be grouped
  • Ahmed asks if we could have less than 7 links on the main page
  • Conceptor asks if we could add a sticky post that links to features of the site
  • Numbers of nodes to the number of users means that we don't have enough users adding content to the site.


  • BlueViper says the website is perfect !
  • whirlpool adds that he finds things confusing for new users and is bored of the colors
  • Roberto complains that he hates the ta3mya slogan
  • Alaa asks for the lack of Arabic content and that we don't force a language
  • Most of us agree that official posts, reports, should be in Arabic some complain that this would be an overhead



cake time Happy Birthday EGLUG !!!


Assesment of the activities done last year

Alaa, Manal and Whirlpool are listing the activities we made last year

  • InstallFest
  • Sakia Meeting
  • Sakia weekly gathering
  • Do or Die
  • Courses
  • Special courses
    • Command line
    • Debugging
    • MySQL
    • BIND
    • Drupal
    • Samba
    • Bash scripting
    • graphics
    • CF engine
    • Phaeronix .. the making of a liveCD
  • Menia courses
  • Mengos
    • sessions in ritsec
    • session in AUC
    • Conference in Shephard Hotel
    • Mansheyet Naser lab
  • SSTE
  • Culture and Science Institute in 6th of October City
  • Arabdev in Menia in Abu Qorqas
  • Portsaid lifemakers
  • Alex lifemakers

Sakia as the biggest and best partner

Discussing what we wanted to do last year but didn't manage to achieve.

  • CD and Book distribution in a shop
  • Alex InstallFest
  • Share
  • Arabization of drupal
  • Editorial policy
  • InstallFest in May
  • Preparing the events of a month before hand is more successful
  • Ezabi suggests that we need more of the members to add content and that only 40 are adding almost all the content on the site
  • Some are busy and can not join in the gatherings .. others are not very busy yet they don't show up
  • few says that they need an agenda for what is going to happen
  • A debate on what we can provide in courses and what people want from us in eglug sessions
  • the format of the sessions itself
  • the difficulty of what we as a group we can direct our resources in a professional way


  • Mtag suggests that we should concentrate more on the Saturday sessions as these would increase our base.
  • people who attended the courses found it useful
  • we should announce earlier who is going to volunteer and attend the gatherings of any given month
  • Ezabi suggests that we put a topic for the saturday gatherings
  • Sessions would not be suitable on days other than saturday .. because of the work schdule of people willing to give the session
  • Manal suggests that on Saturdays that few can sit together and work on something.



  • 15:00 - 17:00 informal gathering
  • 17:00 - 19:00 formal session

people who will attend the informal gathering in July 2005

  • Cvirus anytime
  • Mtag, Roberto 23 only
  • MyAnywhere anytime
  • Whirlpool
  • not registered Karim Mahmoud
  • suggestion about making an activity online
  • suggestion of new form of activity
  • Karim suggests a magazine or partnering with a computer magazine to add linux content.


Activities details:

  • Do or Die
    • How to translation
    • Online do or die (drupal localization)
    • Clustering
    • Thin clients
    • discovering AJAX
  • Suggestion to build on an existing FOSS and improve it (programming)
  • some suggestion about some music applications session Hosam adeeb
  • podcasting suggestion



  • publishing applications .. Lyx, DocBook
  • firewalls
  • MySQL
  • Debugging
  • GUI programming for C
  • Command line
  • Scripting
  • Astersik session
  • PHP
  • drupal
  • Postfix and sasl Mail servers
  • Nagios
  • Java programming and Eclipse
  • Java script + DOM + Mozilla


Ezabi suggests Linux courses for children around 14 years old

  • suggestions about authoring linux books .. we can recycle our wiki or build from the ketab linux el shamel

July Sessions Schedule

Wednesday 2005-07-13Command line
Saturday 2005-07-16Introduction to python scripting, music applications
Tuesday 2005-07-19Introduction to Drupal session
Saturday 2005-07-23Mail servers
Saturday 2005-07-30web application security

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