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Help needed burning iso distribution

Dear all

I got a big problem when burning images of distro.

I tried burning Ubuntu on windows and Nero burning rom then burning Fedora Core 4. It fails

I thought that was because of the platform

Then I tried burning Fedora core 4 on Fedora Core 1, It gave the same result

The burning complete successfully, but when booting from the CD It brings an error message

Is that a hardware problem?? Are there any tricks?

What can I do :(

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check md5

You may have a corrupted iso image check if your iso image is intact or not

md5sum your_iso.iso or sha1sum your_iso.iso

Diaa Radwan

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burn image option

because an iso needs to be extracted before copying

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By the way

I found my prob. was a hardware prob. dedicated to the CD writer

Thanks for help

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