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Guys ... I got 97%

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A Couple of Hours ago I got my General Secondary Certificate {Sanaweya 3ama} results ... I'm in the first stage {tanya sanawy}


Anywayz my marks are as follows :

Trignometry & Calculus24.5/25


ya3ny 96.8% Approximately 97%



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Mabroook 3o2bal kol sana :D

Mabroook 3o2bal kol sana :D

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Calculus: BAD Chemistry: B

Calculus: BAD

Chemistry: BAD


Quote "yes she took her cake to become small so we can fit into the rabbit hole .. i`m already small aho even u can`t c me :P"

Congrats man, this is outstan

Congrats man, this is outstanding. Keep it up & good luck next year.

"There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand binary, and those who don't."

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next gathering geeb sandoo2 pepsi ma3ak

Diaa Radwan

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mabrook ya wa7sh .. 3o2bal el shahada el kebera :-P


Live Free Or Die...

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Goto FCI

GOTO FCI. "if you be in math section"

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congrats ya Cvirus

This is great news .. keep it up

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cheating Indeed !

-I used to be indecisive .. but now I'm not so sure

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Thank You

Thank You Guys Pretty Much

By The Way ... Whats that FCl thingy ?!

FCI stands for 'Faculty of Co

FCI stands for 'Faculty of Computers and Information', i.e. 7asebat we ma3loomat. If you're looking for a place where you want to get deep in studying about computers then go for this faculty, the only problem you'll face is that the faculty isn't well known that much and you'll have a hard-time telling people about it.

However, you won't be a taught alot of useless stuff like thermal & magnetic physics, production, drawing..etc which is in e3dady engineering. But there will be a lot of math though.

If you're just looking for some place to be labeled as 'bashmohandes' then go for the faculty of engineering, but FCI is much more interesting and specialized IMO.

That's about Cairo Uni., I really don't know abt Ain Shams or Helwan but I think someone here might help.

"There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand binary, and those who don't."

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sorry FCI is the most useless thing

IMO FCI is the most useless faculty ever, you will pretend to be learning in depth computer stuff but in reality you'll be learning nothing and wasting your time.

some of the most ignorant people in egypt will be teaching you in 4 years what wikipedia can teach you in 4 months, but hey you'll get to pretend you know the stuff you are talking about.

not to mention you'll be required to use every M$ product ever made and even those yet to be made.

one positive thing about FCI though, it is too easy, if you want to sail through univ without much effort go there.

engineering sucks, too much work, many unrelated subjects but if you are up to it you might end up learning something (nothing about computers though, this you will have to teach yourself anyway), and like it or not being in the neqaba does come with loads of benefits.

oh in both cases those who will teach you tend to have big inflated egos and will spend alot of effort in convincing you you are the best and you should treat everyone with contempt just because you happened to enter this faculty.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

I do disagree with you that F

I do disagree with you that FCI is the *MOST* useless faculty ever although what you learn inside the faculty isn't that useful compared to what you can learn yourself. I also disagree with what you said that FCI is so easy. Well, I have to admit it's not very hard when it comes to studies, but it really takes a lot of time and effort.

However, I do agree with you about the M$ products, all the respectable computer science departments in the world mainly use some *NIX OS with all the accompanying tools. IMO to learn better about computing you need to be good with UNIX/Linux.

"There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand binary, and those who don't."

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This reminds me of the greate

This reminds me of the greatest question I heard from an FCI grad. during my Unix certification course, she asked "يعني ايه نفرمت الفلوبي" and of course the answer was the famous DUUUUUUUUHHHHH

Complain, do nothing, get your free Patagonian identity.

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not only FCI

دى مشكلة التعليم كله فى مصر

يعنى أنا بقالى ٣ سنين بادرس طب اتعلمت ايه؟ ولا حاجة كله هجص وهبل وما حدش عارف حاجة فى أى حاجة بس اللى فالحين فيه اللى تفهمه احفظه واللى ماتفهموش صمه, يافرحتى يكونوش فاكرينا شوية سيديهات بيسجلو عليها محاضراتهم

وعلى العموم ياعم CVirus مبروك المجموع (وبكرة تندم على اليوم اللى جبت فيه مجموع)

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Congrats college boy :) Pl

Congrats college boy :)

Please study what you like so you can live happily ever after ( hopefully ).

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المشكلة مش أنا ب

المشكلة مش أنا بحب ايه لأن أنا فعلا بحب المجال بتاعى ,المشكلة هما بيدرسولنا ايه وليه وا زاى

نظام عقيم مش مسموحلك تختار ولا تعترض ,مبيطوروش نفسهم ,نفس الأساليب من أول ماتعملت جامعة فى مصر ,تعليم ميت مفيش حياه مفيش أى تواصل بينك وبين اللى بتدرسه واللى بيدرسوه لك

ما تخادش فى بالك أصل أنى نتيجتى بانت ومخنوق منها حبتين


alf mabroook we 3o2bal el sana elly gaya keda :)


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Khaled Hosny

Since u dont like what u study .. why are u studying it then ?

I study because my family wants me to study .. They want a "Shehada" .. Thats what most Egyptian people want .. That Suck ..

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هتأولنى كلام مقولتوش

أنا قلت أنا مبجبش الطب؟ أنا مبحبش الدراسة نفسها ودى تفرق كتير

وحاسب أبويا يسمعك يقطع عنى التموين :)

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