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Hi people.

As some of you know, I work with an open source consultancy in Cairo called IT Synergy. We are currently involved in several projects which has created the need for recruiting some good technical people.

We are primarily interested in people with strong backgrounds in open source software and Linux in particular; we employ bright people without regard to age or any irrelevant factors.

HINT: If you are qualified but don't see any vacancies which look specifically tailored to you, apply for the R&D Specialist job.

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IT Synergy is a good place. A

IT Synergy is a good place. Although I'll be leaving it soon.

The management is cool, It's nice to work with someone like Youssef and you'll learn a lot. The working environment is good also if you ignore some problems regarding the administrative issues.

The chairman is also a good person.

The only bad thing about it is the Admin. assistant and this is the main thing you'll hit sooner or later.

Ahh, I forgot to mention that they charge for your drinks ;-)

Quote "yes she took her cake to become small so we can fit into the rabbit hole .. i`m already small aho even u can`t c me :P"

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i can accept that the company don't give me my salary but i can't accept to charge for drinks :( .

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Charging for canned drinks li

Charging for canned drinks like pepsi/cola is acceptable for me.

Maybe some people'll accept charging for hot drinks like tea, expresso and nescafe

Quote "yes she took her cake to become small so we can fit into the rabbit hole .. i`m already small aho even u can`t c me :P"

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Good opportunity

A chance to work with Youssef mmmmmm will I'll apply just for that and maybe he will quit his job if I got it :)

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Oh good lord no...

-- Anything but the BooZy...

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My rob3 gneeh makhroom

I agree with Sameer in some points but..

adopting FOSS in a business model has its challenges thus some evil issues should be avoided such as:

  • abusing the philosophy of FOSS, taking what's GPL'ed and trying as hard as possible to proprieterize it, lock it in a black box and sell it as yours
  • vapourware, vapourware, vapourware,...
  • slavery, FOSS oriented people aren't as free (as in free to do whatever you want with them!!!) as the software they represent
  • lack of long vision and defined strategy, strategy here means a clear long term plan to reach a clear finite goal, not daily tasks
  • keeping the FOSS ideology as internal as much, and not using it externally except for bragging and commercial reasons
  • non-seperation of roles, which is lethal in any type of business, there's a difference between a teamwork coordinating their abilities to reach a common objective and herd-work where everybody's doing everything

That doesn't cover much I know, but these are some of what I could think of, if we apply the above on the few IT companies here trying to adopt FOSS into their business model, we may find that there are proprietary oriented companies doing things better... Complain, do nothing, get your free Patagonian identity.

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Not very classy

  • sigh*
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OK, Let me say it, I can't shut up longer.

OK, Let me say it.

If I regret anything, It'll be working there.

  1. If you are lucky enough to work in a non-vaporware proect, You'll find endless requirements for the project as they don't define a set of requirements when they start the project.
  2. You'll mostly be working on multiple projects at the same time switching between them every now and then.
  3. non-technical people force you to take an existing software project as a base and continue to work on it even if it's not suitable for the purpose.
  4. If you don't come for a day, It'll be deducted from your monthly payments. Looks like they don't believe in deducting them from your annual vacation.
  5. If you travel to represent the company in a conference because the chairman asked you, Those days'll be deducted from your monthly payments.
  6. The CDs are stored in a locked place and the key is with the creature called the "admin. assistance" and hope you are lucky enough to catch her to get the software you want to finish the work.
  7. Imagine you are working there and have no PC to work with or no place to sit down in.
  8. A chairman who doesn't respect your leaving hours.

Want more ?

Quote "yes she took her cake to become small so we can fit into the rabbit hole .. i`m already small aho even u can`t c me :P"

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