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What next in PHP?

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if anyone can help me I will be very grateful. thanx all: Ibrrahim Ali

Now you already know php well

Now you already know php well, the next step is to know how to use what you learned in the best possible way that will enable you to produce good stuff. I'd say,
  • learn how to write a better effecient code.
  • learn about your code security, (
  • learn how to write modular, extendable code (which probably relates to the next point).
  • begin reading about different design patterns.
  • get a basic knowledge of the HTTP protocol.
  • learn how to break your application into different pieces based on the logic. like you break it to code and content, or break it to code, content, and presentation, and so on...etc you choose the best way that will suit your application.
  • while this may be not related to PHP itself, but I assume you will need knowledge in database design, and the SQL language.
want more ?
heh, this road doesn't seem to have an end :-(

Amr Mostafa

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I would say

even more important is to get familiar with libraries, platforms and tools, learn to use pear and discover its various libraries, get familiar with horde platform, play with extending famopus CMS systems like drupal, mambo and postnuke, and learn to use a php debugger.


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