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IRC Channel is now under the AUP.

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  1. No content violating the laws of Egypt.
  2. No Hate speech against individuals or groups.
  3. No personal attacks.
  4. No Profanity or sexually explicit content.


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Can someone translate it into

Can someone translate it into Arabic?

Quote "yes she took her cake to become small so we can fit into the rabbit hole .. i`m already small aho even u can`t c me :P"

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أحطها فين؟

1-ممنوع أى محتوى يتعارض مع القوانين المصرية

2-ممنوع أى كلام عدائى ضد الأفراد أو المجموعات

3-ممنوع أى هجوم شخصى

4-ممنوع أى محتوى بذئ أو جنسى فاضح

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