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Discussion Rounds

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Non technical more awareness oriented round table discussions.

  • A space for two discussion rounds will be available.
  • Only one discussion will be taking place at a time.
  • Suggested time???
  • Suggested topics??
    • FOSS and what it represents
  • Discussion moderators
  • Moderation guidelines


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Suggested Topic

Hey guys, do you think this topic would be suitable ?

  • Getting Rid of Windows at home
    • What would I benefit ? Is it really possible ?
    • There are entire companies running solely on Linux (Examples)
    • Software alternatives (IM/Graphics/Office/....)
    • Last resort: emulators

I suggest that we start with this discussion, so that ppl would have the rest of the day to start learning abt the software alternatives.

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state your point of view on the page (wiki). or add section 1- S/w alternative as discussion round and plan it.

Diaa Radwan

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because of i am a computer software engineer, i think that we should make a linux solution for software companies

i mean if i am a company decision maker, when i should use linux instead of others? if i will do what is the benifits, if i will do will i find all solutions like other OS'?

i can do something like that i can provide a guide line for companies work with c++, c#, vb6, delphi, java, asp, Oracle, Share Point Portal, Exchnge, LDAP,..etc

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