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My company will migrate to GNU Linux

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Al salamo Alikom

i need your advice, my company will migrate to linux in the managerial departments. so they asked me to suggest the distro, install and train. the distro requirement

  • User friendly
  • Open MS documents
  • Email clients
  • Network condiguration
  • virus clean

so all those requirement is available in all distro but if any one have a trial with this can advice me, which distro to choose.


Note:i can't make a poll in the site, so i create a forum topics, Moderator can make polls available and under moderation.

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Open Craft

I think that Ramez can help in this as they are already using GNU Linux.. can you suggest ramez?

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Go for mandrake

basically mandrake will fill the above requirements

Diaa Radwan

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At IT Synergy we're also standardized on Mandrake.


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Youssef, i knew that IT Synergy used linux but i thought that they are using in administration or deployment or even development.. what about the secretary? does she use linux? we will make the secretary, finance, sales,...etc use linux.


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Well, I can say that we don't have a secretary.

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2006 will be OUT soon but i think You have to ues stable release "LE2005" better


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thnx Conceptor, i am knew about the alternatives well :) but this page is helpfull, i missed this url from a long time :)

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Well the last three requireme

Well the last three requirements can be found in almost all distros. This leaves us with the "User friendly" requirement, and allow me to add the "major distro" requirement. You want a popular distro so that you could get support easily.

This leaves us with the following:

Everyone can argue that (their distro) is the best, but actually there isn't that much of a difference. I suggest that you go with Mandrake for one reason: It has a great "control center" which can be used to setup almost everything in the system. I'm saying this even though I don't run Mandrake myself. It's your choice though so if you have any other requirements that can't be fulfilled using Mandrake, you're free to use any other distro.

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mandriva is your best choice

actually ANY linux distro will fullfill all your requirements, but i highly recommend mandrake/driva cause it's the most suitable for beginners (or that's what i think)

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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Well, i can see that all suggest mandriva, although that i am not a mandrake lover :P anyway we will close this poll today to take a decision :) many thanks for your contribution.

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Al salamo alikom

what about Suse?!!

do any one recommend it?

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Suse .. :) you stoped when i

Suse .. :) you stoped when i mentioned suse :) is there any problem?

i found Suse 9.3 is gr8 and easy, also contain many windows like application.

anyway thank you all.

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Your open karma just took a nosedive. Please hand over your EGLUG ID card at the door.


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ya 3am matez3alsh awy keda :) i want my people to use linux, they are working under windows more than 7 years..

be practical please, but you didn't tell me if the secreatary uses linux or not in IT Synergy

:) thank you

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[email protected] YoussefAssad
besara7a... 3andak 7a2

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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sorry for the late reply we

i tried mandrake but didn't really like it for no specific reason, i didn't give suse much attention but i felt more confortable with it plus it is very easy to configure

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Many thanks Ramez :) ----

Many thanks Ramez :)

go mandriva! (i'd recommend s

go mandriva! (i'd recommend suse but haven't tried it so far)

all our workstations at Microaxon are running mandriva 2005! except for a dual boot box running XP for testing purposes.

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Thank you, i agree with you

Thank you, i agree with you that Mandriva will be a good solution.

Also thanks for JPackage

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I was a mandrake user for yea

I was a mandrake user for years and I never had problems resolving contrib dependencies using "urpmi"

Can you please give examples ?

dbdesigner, mysql administrat

dbdesigner, mysql administrator and query browser, ....

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then run

# urpmi mysql-query-browser mysql-administrator

it just works, no searching required.

couldn't find a package named dbdesigner though


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I did configure them using rp

I did configure them using rpmdrake (which uses urpmi as it's backend, AFAIK) before installing the packages (offical updates, addtional sources and custom (contrib)) and yet it fails!

here's what i got when trying

here's what i got when trying to install QB

  1. urpmi mysql-query-browser Some package requested cannot be installed: mysql-query-browser-1.1.2-2mdk.i586 (due to unsatisfied Continue? (Y/n)
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assuming 2006 version

Install libgtkmm2.0_1:

The package that has libpangomm file

- I'm a code junkie security enthusiast

The point is, it doesn't not

The point is, it doesn't not resolve dependancies automagically, which is one thing why package managers exist! i'm using a statically linked version anyways

and btw did you try that?

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The oddity is that its not getting it by itself already

- I'm a code junkie security enthusiast

i think it doesn't unless thi

i think it doesn't unless this dependancy is satisfied by an official package!

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What's your Mandrake version ?

What mirrors are you using ?

# uname -a Linux lostandse

  1. uname -a Linux lostandsearching 2.6.11-6mdksmp #1 SMP Tue Mar 22 15:40:42 CET 2005 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.80GHz unknown GNU/Linux
    1. urpmq --list-media Local 1 (these are same as installation CDs but on HDD) Local 2 Local 3 Installation CD1 (cdrom1) Installation CD2 (cdrom2) Installation CD3 (cdrom3) i'm gonna try some other mirrors and see it works

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