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Mandrake 10.2 (Mandriva LE) and SiS7012 SoundCard !!


Anybody to help me with my SoundCard?? I have a Mandrive LE 2005 (Mandrake 10.2). I have sucessfully installed the OS and the souncard is fully recognized. It even chose the driver for from the list (i810) but I don't hear ANY sound. My SoundCard is on-board (SiS 7012 Audio Acelerator). I do have the driver for it in.tar format. Is it needed inspite of the card recongnition by the OS ? If so, how can I install it please ?? Anyone please to help me >> ?? Thanks a lot

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Mute maybe ??

I'm just guessing here.. but usually the sound is muted by default. Try running alsamixer. or the KDE mixer or whatever, make sure the "main" and "pcm" are not muted.

If not, please show me the output of alsamixer... the small paragraph on top. Sometimes the sound is playing on the onboard chip while you have the speakers connected to the soundcard, for example. Check this, if you have 2 sources of sound.

I'm not using your hardware so I can't be of much help, but since you're saying the OS already recognized the card then it should work. Sound usually works smoothly without downloading any drivers.


Hello. Sorry for being somehow a Newbie.. How can I do that ?? All I did is I logged into the KDE (my default GUI) as a root and and just gone to the KDE>Sound> and Enabled the Radio button "Enable Sound System", otherwise all will be greyed out.. I don't know what is this actually, is this the KDE Mixer ?.. But anyways, when I enabled it, I got 2 buttons "Test Sound" and "Test Midi". I pressed each. Nothing happened.. A message popped up saying

" Sound System Informational Message..

Error while intializing sound driver

device /dev/dsp/ can't be opened, (No such file or directory)

The sound service will continue using the Null Output'

I assure you that the sound card is totally recognized and the OS has chosen the driver for it from the list..

So can you verify what is the Alsa or the KDE Mixers and how can access them ?? If the above message is normal so I think I am muted for sure .. Yes..


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from the command line (main m

from the command line (main menu --> system --> terminals) type alsamixer

No such file

When I login as root even.. I get "No such file or directory".. Strange, however the esecytable alsamixer file is in /usr/bin. Even if I cd there,...same thing ..

I have even tried to get from KDE into Main Menu>Sound>Volume I get an error message " Can't initialize Sound Drivers" /dev/dsp not found

What is going on here chaps :( ???

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Exactly as Khaled Hosni said, open up the konsole and type alsamixer.

Regarding KDE though, this message means something is wrong. In the KDE sound menu, you will find a drop-down list that has options such as "Null / Auto / OSS ". Try playing with it and testing. Most important though is alsamixer.

Seinfeld: I've sent u a private message, please check it.

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