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My router is burned :'(

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damn it.. the adsl router does strange things in the wrong time.. end of the month, installfest is close... i hate these days.. anyway, after my dlink-500t is overheated untill it stopped working, i'll have to buy a new router.. actually i dunno which adsl router to buy.. some say that the speed touch is cool.. and one of my friends(actually he's not an expert) tells me that the planet router is fine (i never heared about it before :S )..
please guys tell me your openions about the routers you got.. i'll have to buy one pretty soon and i'll need your openion


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Alcatel is working well

I used to have a Thomson (Alc

I used to have a Thomson (Alcatel) ADSL CPE, then I switched to D-Link 500 as it has many interfaces. And later on I got one Juniper NetScreen 5GT firewall with ADSL and Wireless for free (It's expensive anyway). But for now the D-Link is working fine and I heard that 3Com is ok too. Green Data

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