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VIM User Short Manual

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Horizontal Movements

right arrow , lright one character
left arrow , hleft one character
0beginning of the line
$end of the line
w/Wbeginning of next word/bigword
e/Eend of next word/bigword
b/Bbegining of prev. word/bigword
(/)beginning of prev. /next sentence

Vertical movements

up arrow , kup one line
down arrow , jdown one line
PgUp , ^Bup one page
PgDn , ^Fdown one page
(number)Ggo to line (number)
/stringfind string
n/Nrepeat search forewards/backwards

Open, Save & Quit

:q!quit,throw away changes
:w filenamesave as filename
:xquit + save


:spsplit frame window
^w^wgo to next window

Modifying text (but keeps you in command mode)

xdelete character under cursor
jjoin next line to end of current line
r(character)replace character under cursor by (character)
dddelete current line
d(move)delete from cursor to (move)
.repeat last edit command

Editing the text

aedit the text
Escreturn you back to command mode

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