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Regarding the T-shirts.

Dear EGLUG volunteer.

bestofnay was here on time,

He waited until 9 pm.

Unfortunately, No one was here.

Please note that wearing an EGLUG t-shirt during the fest is highly encouraged if not required.

He'll be here in the Culturewheel tomorrow, the 6th of September 2005 again to collect the money t-shirts.

Please email me personally if you already have a t-shirt or you need to get the photo and print it by your own.

Best regards,


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Alternate solution

I was checking on matters at Sakia yesterday and ran into bestofnay there. He had a very good suggestion.

Since no one showed up, the t-shirts are clearly going to be a problem. I'm buying 50 plastic nametags which can clip on to shirts and t-shirts and he is designing the papers which will be inserted into them.

Friday midnight I'll deliver the tags to him at Sakia and he'll take the names of volunteers and print the insets.


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bring 50 L.E

Iam not sure if the t-shirt cost 50 or 40 L.E

- I'm a code junkie security enthusiast

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