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Installfest preparation night - ليلة الاعداد ليوم جنو/لينوكس

الجميع مدعو للمشاركة

هيا نجعل يوم الجنو/لينوكس يوما مجيدا! يمكنك ان تاتى للاعداد ثم تذهب لتنام و تاتى صباح اليوم التالى او لا تذهب لتنام و تظل معنا حتى نهاية يوم الجنو/لينوكس!

every one is invited to share the effort needed to have great installfest .

you can attend this event and leave us to have some sleep and back Saturday morning or stay until installfest finished.


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I'll be there ISA at 10:00 PM

I'll be there ISA at 10:00 PM


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I am with you but not in Saki

I am with you but not in Sakia, in home , preparing to the feast too.

also i will try to be on time morning.

God with you.

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Go or Not to Go

I wanted to help but I didn't have much time. My work is from 1am to 9am this week. That's why I didn't register on the voluntering list coz i'm not sure that I could come after working all the night long and if I made it and come, I'm not sure to fully function. However I think I can come today may be at 9PM or 10PM till 1AM after sleeping a while. Do u need me or am I will be alien in the Wonder Land?

I know it's a silly question!

Are all volunteers obliged to come? I'm not sure if I'd be able to come on Friday night, so would it be OK if I come a little early on Saturday?

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supposed 8 Am

i supposed all volunteer ( that will not stay the night at the sakia ) should be in the sakia at 8 am saterday and thats as max .. the event will start at 9 so please volunteers try to be maximum at 8 AM .


Live Free Or Die...

I'll try to come friday night

I'll try to come friday night. If I couldn't I'll be there at 7:30-8:00 am ISA.

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الساعة ٨ مساءا م

الساعة ٨ مساءا مش متأخرة شوية ,طب أنا هأرجع البيت الساعة كام

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come back home!!??

Probably you will stay to next day; we will stay preparing needed demos and configuration .you may get some rest and may not :\

Diaa Radwan

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Two remarks

  1. This must be sticky, top of front page.
  2. Make it very clear that people are meeting there at night with the intention to stay there all night working on the setup and having linux fun


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sure Gnu/linux is fun

sure Gnu/linux is fun,the sticky thing should be in Arabic IMO,and this needs someone to translate.

Happy Gnu/linuxing night,do not forget to bring your caffine.

Diaa Radwan

Dr. Radut | flexinode-4