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After 2005 instal fest

So i guess that all of you guys had a great time yesterday well i waited for this event but i wasn't here yesterday to share it any way i think that there are upcomeing events after 2005 instal fest and i hope to.

Congratualtions .... Successful event

Hello every one,

Congratulation for this successful event. The install feast was very nice. you are were wonderful. Thanks to every body.people were very helpful. I really got great benefit from the install feast. Special thanks to kareem,khalid hussin, mohamed samir and every one. I hope I can share in ur community more and more.

Mohamed Shoukry

من لم يزد على الحياة شئ . . . فهو على الحياة زيادة

What a fest

I hope that if i was a volunteer this years but God want that May be the next year.

Hell Boy

Ya i was planning to be ther

Ya i was planning to be ther also but i had to go to PortSaid and i was back by Saturday night :(

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