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SuSE 10 (Final release 6 of october 2005) is the best !!

SUSE Linux is a better OS than the MS Windows OS. And when you throw the 1,500 open source Linux applications and packages into the deal, SUSE Linux is a very much better bang- for-the-buck than is MS Windows! . . . sounds like Novell is making lots of right moves with its SUSE Linux product . . .

see full interview with 'Greg Mancusi-Ungaro' the Novell's director of marketing for Linux and open source software..


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Stand up and be counted!

Are you a SuSE user yourself?


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Which applies to any gnu/linu

Which applies to any gnu/linux distro out there.. seriously try to understand what you write.

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Why SuSE?

Why not Mandrake?


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Why not Suse

Why mandrake..??

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