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Linux Software Projects ... any one want to develop?

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Many of computer science students asking about a project ideas to develop in the courses or in graduation projects to help in linux development.

So, in this page we will add any idea we want to see it in linux platforms and people will see it and start to implement if they want.

we will categorise the projects.

  • DBMS
    • MySQL Forms, A form builder based on MySQL Server.
  • Networking
    • IP, DNS configuration tool.
    • Apache Configuration Tool.
  • Multimedia
    • Arabic subtitles for xine backend
  • Arabization
    • OCR
    • Text to speech
    • Speech recognition
    • Scribus
  • Distributions
  • Tools
    • Tool to edit the fstab file.
  • Internet Applications

It is much better to improve an existing project rather than starting from scratch, also it is better to read standards that apply to a certain field and follow their instructions.


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Excellent idea

I'm interested in the fstab idea, although I think such tools already exist but it would make for a nice learning project for me.

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I guess that the graduation p

I guess that the graduation projects should be a new thing.

an fstab editor is part of the Mandrake Control Center.

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Actually i dont have ideas fo

Actually i dont have ideas for a projects, i wrote the 2 projects to tell people, please think with me :)

if you have any idea add it to the wiki page.

thank you all anyway.

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Al salamo alikom

i am wondering, i didn't ask anyone to make any application for me or spend time developing any applications, all what i need are IDEA's

can every one think for 10 minutes in a project and edit the page?!!!

if those Ten's of students didn't find an idea they will goto another topic.

can We as the best Linux community in Egypt support students with ideas for a project?

thank you all.

What about some sort of Deskt

What about some sort of Desktop Usability Enhancements projects that applies the art of user interface design to one of the gaint DEs: KDE and GNOME. Such project would try to identify and tackle usuability problems that hinders linux adoption on the desktop (and hence the enterprise). It's a _big_ thing to do, but yet non-tradtional.

An apache configuration tool would be a cool thing to do (but google about any OSS similiar tools 'cause you might find a nice code base for that somewhere). What about configuring apache via XML? you could research the cons (slow?)and pros (more concise?) of such thing.

and finally the TODO list for your favorite F/OSS application is setting there waiting for contributers!

be creative!

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