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WiFi routers in egypt


I'm planning to buy a wifi router in egypt, any idea of the available brands and the prices ?

My original intention is to buy Linksys WRT54G or WRT54GS, but I don't know about the price/availability.

Also what about netgear routers ? 3com routers ?

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Those linksys stuff are available at some stores. I have seen them. They cost around 600 or 700 EGPs.

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The best thing about the link

The best thing about the linksys wrt45g is that the firmware is GPL'ed, The openwrt project developed the firmware farther, You can even get the openwrt firmware and flash the router, You'll be impressed with the features you can get.

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I was sure that you know abou

I was sure that you know about this since you asked for that model. I was just listing some FAQ in case someone gets here by accident.

I don't have it but I've seen it in action.

I have my own GNU/Linux based access point!

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I have a [dedicated box|http:

It's better if you can get a card that is supported by hostap or orinoco because then you can use Master or Infrastructure mode which gives you a real access point clone.

The only card I found in Egypt is the cnet card which is not supported by orinoco or hostap, It can only operate in ad-hoc mode.

The 802.11 g standard states that ad-hoc mode can't exceed 11Mb/s while with Master mode you can get upto 54Mb/s, But this is what I was able to find.

Oneday the driver for it'll support Master mode, Just hope for a better future!

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Ever heard about google ?

Ever heard about google ?

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