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GNOME menu "duplicate entries"


I am on simplyMEPIS 3.3.1. It has KDE 3.3 as a default user interface. I have installed GNOME using (apt-get install gnome) after updating the repositories. Everything works fine except for two things :

- The GNOME still shows all KDE applications (un-iconed).

- The Debian menu (Applications > Debian > ..) is totally "duplicated". I got duplicate entries for every application which makes it look messy and odd.

I have done an upgrade after this installation but ... still.

Your help is highly appreciated


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update the menus manually - NOT SURE

I assume Gnome updates its menu based on the existing KDE menu

The script that installed Gnome duplicated all the applications

- I'm a code junkie security enthusiast

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Please don't assume.

What gnome version is it?

If it is gnome-2.8 or less then the integrated menu editor will work.

gnome-2.10 switched to the standard freedesktop menu structure and there is no integrated menu editor. You will have to edit them manually in a text editor.

gnome-2.12 has a built in menu editor but is too simple. So you can use either of the two external menu-editors found by searching on

The reason for the duplication is that each distro dreamed up a way of centralising menu structure based on installed applications. So when you install an application which includes it's own menu entry and the distro generates another entry you see doubles.

It's never over till it's over.


The version is

Can you please clarify with a little help how then I can edit those menus in a text editor like you proposed above for gnome-2.10 ?? ?? I am not yet an intermediate level user :)


A Solution that Worked !!

Hello. Seems somehow odd to reply to myself directly, but I just googled around and found the solution to the duplication annoyance of the Debian menu in gnome 2.10

There you go..

I have deleted both directories:




The whole debian menu dissapeared. I just did $sudo update-menus and the Debian menu returned but WOWEEE.. without any doubles :) :)

I think it was merely enough to only delete ~/.local/../menu.xdg. But that what I've done.

Do not forget to do update-menus to have the debian menu back (if you are interested)

I just went ahead and fired the blast rm -rf .. and BINGO..

Here is the link to the whole thread if you are interested to follow the problem in detail .

I really appreciate your comments ..

Thanks a lot

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Excellent work man, now I'm gonna do the same on my installation.

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Yes exactly "update-menus" is

Yes exactly "update-menus" is a debian specific tool that deals with debians specific menu system.

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