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فطار شهر رمضان


و علشان خاطر عيون حازم و منال :-)

يا جماعة الخير بليز ماحدش يتاخر عن اربعه و نص

و لو ممكن اللى هاييجى يحط تعليق ؟!


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It is too late to announce ab

It is too late to announce about it. at least you should tell us b4 it with day. Not on the same day. :( i wont come.

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was under discussion for 4 days

it started on Admins blog, I suppose it was considered an off topic thing.


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I'm In Insh2allah ;-)

okay i'm IN ;) but i need to know how to go there :P? from el giza


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I might not be able to come as I've got an Exam directly after the fetar and I have to study before the fetar :(

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