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happy feast

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Happy feast Egyptian Linux Users Group :)


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Happy feast but...

I'm not a Linux user, I'm a GNU/Linux user.

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so you are member of GLUG (GN

so you are member of GLUG (GNU/Linux User Group) not LUG ;)

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Did I ever say that I'm a LUG

Did I ever say that I'm a LUG member ? ;-)

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طب معلش ياكابت

طب معلش ياكابتن روح العب بعيد عشان ده موقع بتاع LUG واللى مش LUG member يروح يلعب بعيد ;)

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EGLUG is a GLUG! ;-)


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Happy feast for EGLUGS -----

Happy feast for EGLUGS

- I'm a code junkie security enthusiast

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