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I have been a way from linux for ayear is there any new

I have been a way from linux for ayear is there any new

i know every secound there are new but how can i start agine any way I Abderlhmn Adel From Alexandria

First question Which Distribtion i use at home to start using linux agine ?

thx all Abderlhmn

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I guess the latest'd be updat

I guess the latest'd be updates for everything, Among you'll find openoffice 2.0, firefox 1.5 RC. New GNOME and KDE.

You have to check and see for yourself, No one can list what happened in a year

Go for Mandriva and you'll be fine "I hope"

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Mandriva 2006 Official

To be up to date u can install Mandriva 2006 Official using Net Install


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Yes it is


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yep it's bootable but the problem is Mandriva 2006 still don't have Public ISOs .. so u'll do a network ( From Internet ) Installation.using a boot disk or a boot ISO.


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