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hanCancel Al AUP wala la2

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3ayzeen ne3mel votes tany for cancelling that "aup in IRC " .


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Respect your peers

The community voted a very short time ago to apply the AUP on the IRC channel. In other words, very recently the will of the community was to do the opposite of what you're suggesting here.

You've made it very clear that you don't agree, and the nature of IRC provides you with a way to get what you want; another channel to act uncivilized in.

Calling for a vote like this is frankly childish.

In case my position isn't clear, consider this a summary of my reaction: OVER MY DEAD BODY.


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/me trolling.

Youssef, Assume that I aggre with you.

But saying "over my dead body"'ll change nothing because if we construct another vote and the result was not to keep the AUP; Both of us can do nothing except not joining the channel!

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Can you tell me your reasons

Can you tell me your reasons which you want to cancel AUP for? thank you.

Ahmed Hashim
Hacker from the Earth

aren't two of them enough?!

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