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We want to learn how to build anetwork with linux

Alsalam alaikom EGLUG knights, thank you for your efforts that i have seen in the previous festival and that I and some freinds want to learn linux mandriva and how to make anetwork with domain and users that like in windows server because i need that in my work. Greeting for all EGLUG members.

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Control Center

Check the Mandrake control center... it has all that (I think so) can't give you detailed instructions because I'm not using Mandriva, but it's quite easy.

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drakwizard Or webmin

install : open mcc and will find network configration


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ah i got you

i think you wanna some one to do your work and you wanna it for free

guys we are volunteers

ask and RTFM

ps : To all lug members why we don`t have paid service section for people like hany9000 :) at least we can get server money

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wa7da wa7da


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بتسال ايه هو ال

بتسال ايه هو ال sste course ?

يا راجل حرام عليك

دي لينك لو كنت دوست عليها كنت عرفت

بص قدامك حل من 2:

يا تستنا حد فاضى يديك كورس

يا عندك دليل استخدم ماندريك و مشروع توثيق اللينوكس تقعد تقرا و تجرب بنفسك

على فكره: اللى هايديك الكور مش هايديك كل حاجه

هايديك المبادىء و انت هاتكمل

best wishes,

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bar7a 3ala al ragel

ber7a ya sedy we malo adek enta kont ber7a, wel ragel ya 3eny 3wez wa7ed ye3mlo click 3ala el sste link we ye2oly eah howa course el sste, bel zema da kalam

we ba3den shof rado da bya2olena entom hat3mlely keda wala la2

we ba3den da mesh 3wez course 3alshan yte3lm da 3wez wa7ed yer7lo le7ad 3ando we ye2olo te3ml network ezay we ye3rfo kol 7aga we howa a3ed fe makano,

we shof rad mohamedsammer walhy 2al ely ana kont ha2olo

mohamedsammer : even if there are some one with spare time he won`t do it for free because some one need it for his work, volunteers don`t do others work as far as i know

best regards

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I am not defending him

we will not do his job, we will teach him something voluntary(it may be his job) ,it's not our business to ask everyone " will you use my course for work or for home or bala " you will give him what you are volunteering for.

what is the problem to go for anyone "le7ad 3ando" (for courses not a profit co.),we all have done this "check our events".

PS:use "setxkbmap ar" then "setxkbmap" ;)

Diaa Radwan

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and u didnot got my point

iam not against volunteer work, i did volunteer work befor and iam here for that but i won`t click a link for some one ,i will help some one who need help and gonna help some one els one day,

hany9000 is not willing to do small search and i am aginst that, who all the time will ask for some one to do him or teach him some thing,

if you did it for him that time he will expect volunteer doing it next time,

best regards

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I am not against your words.

this may happen , and may not .you should state what you would expect from him on the event or on the context of voluntary work.

Diaa Radwan

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i think you are right

i think you are right

but its type of poeple you met them before and all volunteers met them be4

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howa ma2alsh

howa ma2alsh 7ad yege le 7ad 3andy .. howa bas bytlob en law feah volunteer fady yeshra7lo we tab3an he means fe al Sakia la2no aslan called me we ana 2oltelo eno men al afdal an yekon al mawdo3 dah 3ala al web 3alshan yekon more active ,, we ba3deen howa by2ol we need it in work ... 3ady ya3ne mana kolena need linux to work and to use it :) mosh ha3rafo ka ma3lomat 3ama ya3ne work or not work ... kolo zay ba3do :) howa bas ma3rfsh yewada7 talbo shwaia :)

bas 7ekayet sste de al mast3'rablaha shwaia :)


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I don't need Linux at work, I

I don't need Linux at work, I need GNU/Linux and I use it.

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i don`t min go to him

admins i don`t mind go to him, to his work place,and do the job, in case he will learn how to learn, and he will search next time before he ask what is ..?, that is my point and i think you get it by your question about sste course and re-read his answers .

Best regards

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that is sound good

that is sound good . now if you please give us full details about ur requriment at work,

what is the current configuration and what is the objectives,

in details as much as you can plz

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i have exams now day so it will be delayed till midyear vication

i think i will take e-mail server and NAT thing

hey guys and one would take the other 2 things...?

ramez may you help at the DC and backup..???

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thank you

the max as much as the lab could take,

about 10 persons

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After the fest

all students here will finsih theer exams after the fest. me too

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