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Hacking CON in Egypt

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This sounds cool! I'm not

This sounds cool!

I'm not sre we have the resources you need but let's start thinking together, What can we offer to help you ?

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sessions/discussion forums about different topics in computer security suggest specific topics then we c if we have resources i tjhink we have

and SAKIA is out there waiting.......

I Was Known as POSIX

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I am interested in helping with such an event. It is possible to partner with sakia in this but not necessary.

There will definitely be a lot of universities and ngos competing to sponsor and host such an event.

Is there any website describing where this event took place before and what it was like. It might help us formulate an idea about what is involved in organising such a grand event.

Awaiting your reply :)

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this is nice agenda ,we need technical audince to enjoy them(we can mix things up),

I do not prefer El-Sakia at this time ,we should try some place else to have a kind of alternative places.

Diaa Radwan

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Why Not..?

Why not Sakia Plz keep us informed....

I Was Known as POSIX

great thing but....

well it's more like a dream for me to participate in such event but...

I Recommend that idea Strongly

and for A-Warz ... first of all i miss you bro ... i agree with you in 2 things .... 1- Lack of knowledge in egypt 2- No one wants to share any thing ... but , put yourself instead of them .. You discovered a new bug , exploited a new 0day .. would you publish it ? any way , if that event occurred , I'll be there :)

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I guess we'll have to wait

I guess we'll have to wait until all the admins are back from uganda since it seems that the members are not interrested ;-)

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admin is a technical job

admin is a technical job related to the website, admins are not special at all when it comes to activities.


"context is over-rated. who are you anyway?"

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I know, But I thought you

I know, But I thought you might be the only on interrested other than me ;-)

Anyway, I wrote this after I came from the airport :p

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I agree

And i suggest drupal for--

Modular we can begin with few modules and extend it later i think alaa could donate us sub domain under his blog for now even as TEMP. thing

and we could practice on it :)


I Was Known as POSIX

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Hey any one here know about them..

once i contacted them to join but i become busy ..!!!

the admin call ahmed el deeb he is Cairo Univ Eng student

we had one of them at linux-egypt jitter as i remember

I don`t knowif he came here or not.

thay had a very nice work and papers on security and they have several white hacking operation which was perfect one of them was on

best regards

I Was Known as POSIX

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hacking an honest Egyptian

hacking an honest Egyptian business's website is considered whitehat? Sheesh whatever happened to ethics. Besides, howcome you know? were they caught ( which says something about their skillz ) or were you involved ? ( which says something about your ethics ).

Besides This is exactly the WRONG idea about hacking. Please don't spread FUD.

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Back to definitions

hacking is GOOD thing . i didnot said cracking ... being caught doesnot mean they don`t have skills they discoverd hole on authntication tech. used by the web site actually cookie thing and they informed they didnot use to do any thing harm Please for you and for all people don`t assume ... you should ask about what happend don`t jump to conclusion...

that is the excatly WRONG idea about ... (you name it)

PS : my ethics is MINE as it don`t effct you

I Was Known as POSIX

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Hacking in the CORRECT

Hacking in the CORRECT sense is a GOOD thing, couldn't agree more. But when you go and describe a hack on a local commercial company without giving full details, or a link to the description if possible, then you ARE spreading FUD.

You and I might know, 10 people might know that hacking is not cracking. But most people will frown at the mere mention of the word.

The exact aim of this CON if it happens ( I wish it does ), is to change that and remove the ignorance of the true meaning of the act of hacking.

When your actions convey that your ethics may be flawed, someone has to take action, so that people won't label the group by the actions of a single individual, which will then affect me.

So please be clear and upfront about your data, both in source and content.

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You and I might know,

You and I might know, Weird that you know the hacking meaning and you assumed the oppisite one..!!!!! END

I Was Known as POSIX

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There is

By mention them , i wanted to say we have some resource which, allow us to begin such activity.....

I Was Known as POSIX

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too early

Mr acid.warz its to early from you to expect we will refuse your help .

i can`t see any thing prevent you from contrbute with us ,

every one is welcome

[email protected] you are idea creator so get us a Wiki pleasee

I Was Known as POSIX

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Who said so

Guy we need portal for that , please any one get blog for that , i will finish exams that week then we can move to the next step i suggest that following

1- Get portal 2- Know the guide line of what we are going to do 3- Define definition about hacking cracking etc.... 4- suggest topic we would discuss at the event 5- who will talk....

i think that is enough for now

Best Regards

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get portal??

could you please explain more?
why we need it?

Diaa Radwan

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Sorry guys i ment Wiki but i wrote the replay on hurry

I Was Known as POSIX

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I'd say a wiki page would

I'd say a wiki page would do fine, until we collect all the data we need. Then when we decide on the date of the event, ( and according to estimated attendance ) we could give it it's own subdomai.

That's the way we organized all events upto now, and it worked pretty well. A small change I'd like to make is; unlike other events we've been involved in, this cannot be handled by "last hour frenzic work".

We need to take our time, pour our brains on the wiki page, gather data and resources, THEN when we feel completely confident and satisfied, we start the actual work.

Upto now the norm has been to announce the event, wait till it's practically upon us and then shoehorn the preparation.

I don't want to see this happen again, because I believe it will fail us in this occasion.

On a sidenote: thanks printf for the explanation, it shed light on the situation.

and I don't hate good willed hackers. I might call myself one if I had the skillz :P

I'd really like to help in

I'd really like to help in such event Green Data

About XEgypt

Thank you for your kind words.

Oh we definitely had our time but as you grow you get busy with your life, some of us have kids now.

I think what is better be said is that we really did a good job and we had fun doing it, i know for fact that a lot of people found our stuff very useful to them in one way or the other.

For the cracking incident, it was the hosting problem and still you cant really call it demeaning, and you cant really call yourself a hacker or cracker but merely a script kiddy like we all was someday, I am glad that you had the chance to replace our main page and get your name everywhere, that must have made you feel good and put you in the front lines ;)

Its just funny that you are bragging about it and i dont think there is anyone that cares :)

I still recall you coming to our channel and asking us questions and we sure were an inspiration for you one day.

The whole purpose of XEgypt was learning and make no doubt that every member of this team had alot of fun and knowledge gained through many years we spent together on this, and everyone of us at the moment is almost living their dream with what we wanted to do, i hope you are having the same as well.

Good luck man, please point me to your active work, website, code so i would know you have done much to the community more than we did :)

Cheers, Ahmed

I'm here bro ;)

I'm here bro ;)

This is what am lookn for in a long long time

This is what am lookn for in a long long time we really miss the security Issues i hope we can improve our skills in this point and basiclly about Servers Security Side for System Admins

Important and Urgent

Dear all, iv been reading your posts regarding the matter of organizing a security contest in egypt. Gentlemen, talk is good, but we need to get some action going in the right track, uv been discussing this ever since early 2006 and now 2007 is nearly over.

i have a lot of experience with organizing such events, and i have already done so at the american university in cairo for two years through a workshop that discusses it security. and i wish to help with all of the knowledge i have and the experience i gained from those 2 years. aside from that i have organized several other events at auc and at ain shams university and have secured a huge deal of funding for them. now the last part i wish to offer is a very unique data base of personal connections that can make our dreams come true. i can personally secure "ka3et el mo2tamarat" for this CON as well as secure the minister of IT to give an openeing speech i also have access to several databases of 500+ companies in egypt with personal contacts to CEO's and COO's of those companies which will secure funding as well as advertising campaigns

with your expertise and in addition to my contacts we can pull this off in 6 months max and with a bang , not just a simple CON now talking on here is gr8 for brainstorming, and suggesting things, but why dont we set up a meeting and come up with an action plan, business structure and an organizational chart with everyones roles defined and we begin working for this CON to take off.

i have emailed this same msg to the following ppl which i was able to gather their emails off the posts uip crew acid wares tarek amr

to finally re-iterate what i want, i want us to hold a round table meeting hopefully during this week and come up with the following: 1) actions plan 2)business structure 3)organizational chart with roles and job descriptions defined

thanks you for your time and hope to hear from u soon

[email protected]

hey man, i tried emailing you some stuff on that email above and it gave me an error, kindly email me at [email protected] or over here. and check out my post to c what im talking about. thanks


Dear All,

I've been reading all the posts, and i was wondering why you stoped talking about the subject for almost a year !

Am a security consultant, been involved with IT security issues as far as i remember "10 years".

i guess i can give a lot of help here, as i have good connections with Hacking and security conferences organizers at Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil and Dubai.

While opeing the subject with deferent people from deferent countries as we meet in security conferences, all show big interest on such security conference at Egypt!

I suggest we should organize such conference soon ! it doesnt has to be wow at the first time, but all we need to do is just take the first step ! then things will get better by time.

And rememeber guys, if we are into creating such event, we will have to do it every year ! it is realy big shame that the guys talked about it on 2005, then 2006, and now 2007 is almost gonne, and we are still talking on the forum !!!! it would be much better to take action !

We should work on Creating Such Conference soon ! then we can talk about the output of its first existance, to work on perfection for the next even !

Thank you for reading my words ! you can reach me on my gmail account : ereverse

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