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Thanks Alaa for your help i'll give it a try and then report if any probs. Regarding port forwarding I have a question , I have a winXP P.E. SP2 box connected to a Linux box via Wireless Interfaces in an Ad-Hoc mode and the winXP box already connected to an ADSL Connection router via another Ethernet Interface, the Ethernet is in 10.x.x.x IP Class and the 2 Wireless NICs are in 1921.x.x.x (WinXP->192,168,10,1/Linux->, I want to let the Ethernet interface to forward its traffic the rest of the way to the wireless interface on the Linux box or to the 1921.168.10.2, in details, I want to forward the 22 port on to port 22 on , may I can ask how can I do that on both Boxes, It’s OK to use IPtables for the Linux box but as it’s the case that I can’t change the WinXP OS cause it’s the main Server’s OS and has several services already running, it’s not of my business to change this OS; any idea ? My purpose is to access the Linux box from outside the network that’s it …..any comment ? Thanks in Advance.

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Why the hell are you asking a

Why the hell are you asking a windows question here ?

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بالراحة على الخ

بالراحة على الخلق يا سمير مش كده

please keep the EGLUG forum for FOSS and GNU/Linux related questions/discussions.

now to get back to your question, are you asking how to do port forwarding on GNU/Linux using IPtables? cause I'm not sure I understood the question. Alaa

"context is over-rated. who are you anyway?"

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take it easy

There is a lot of other FOSS help on all over the world you are not the only place that can provide help.

this why we exist,we provide (say at least we try to)help,don't you count us a place where people could get help,let's give it other name where people could share knowledge.

when you have a lan with gateway running Windowz ,the first thing will bump on your head is ISA and it will never be iptables or any FOSS solution.asking a question which has a direct impression (oh it's Micro$oft) with given answer (it's ISA) makes a lot of people to confuse.

take it easy , and try to give some details walla rasama.

Diaa Radwan

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ISa don`t run on XP

ISA don`t run on XP so i'am asking him how that XP act as gateway :)

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hmmm I do not care meanwhile I do not know if it' XP,95 or with service pakh,it may 2003 or XP server windowz or vista,walla البوق الطويل

Diaa Radwan

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FLOSS includes FLOSS under wi

FLOSS includes FLOSS under windows and under GNU/Linux.

You want to access through a windows box which means that all the act you'll do'll be configuring a windows box. This is not the place for it

As for putty or apache or whatever under windows, You can feel free to post about them here.

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iptables is Linux specific an

iptables is Linux specific and won't work under windos.

What you can do is to boot knoppix or any live distro. and use iptables to enablethe masquerading:

Suppose you have 2 interfaces:

eh0 which is the external one and eth1 to the lan:

  1. enable IP forwarding echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
    1. enable masquerading iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE

      This is basically what you want to do.

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it's LGPL

Diaa Radwan

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i think i got you

look guys Mr hazem has network where WINxp machine act as gateway and run several servers ( I don`t know how you run Win xp PE as server of any kind ) he have linux machine on that network he wanna reach the ssh deamon on through the winxp ( i assumed you did the port forward already on your ADSL modem) he wanna software to forward the request the come to WINXP machine to the linux machine.....

I think that is the case regardes on how the linux and xp machine is coonected he wasnot clear enough and he confused us when he mentioned the iptables thing

would you please give me more info about that winxp machine ( what software you use to make it act as gateway ( do you use winroute )

look i don`t like to make things harder if you work require that you do it on win do it

sorry after i re-read you post i discoverd you look for GPL software if please give me more info to help you, what do you run to make that winxp machine act as gateway just to avoid conflicts and waste of time

Diaa: the app you gave him is not used for that things its used when there is un-reachable machine from internet and there is ssh server on same network with the unreachable machine, then you use portforwad option on SSH server to forward request from the local ssh server to the unreachable machine ( its diffrent here)

I Was Known as POSIX

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if it's unreachable it will remain unreachable.I am not sure he may try it and report.

he is not looking for GPL belzat any FOSS where open source thingi will work.

Diaa Radwan

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wala tez3al :)

wala tez3l ya Diaa basha

Mr.Hazem both of them may solve your proplem i just ask you for more info just to avoid conflicts and waste of time

i ment be unreachable that the admin of that server restrict the access to it .from outside the LAN

lets say it DB machine at work and the admin restrict the access to it only to local IP now you are at home and wanna test the new app you just make opps... you can`t but wait there is Shh server on same network wich you have access to so... you can use the app u gave him to connect your home machine to the ssh server and use the portforwad on ssh server ( i think you know about it) and that ssh connect to your DB machine

hope you got me

winroute is good BTW :)


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are you guys trying to tell m

are you guys trying to tell me that there are FOSS tools to do portforwarding on windows?

live and learn.

so that means no question is off topic right? I want a foss tool to get me adate with nancy 3agram please.


"context is over-rated. who are you anyway?"

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Such software won`t be for sale it going to be for personal usage only

mmm tesda2 eno fekra fe3lan 3D object for Nancy with some modifcation and some LSD then you get a date with nancy or even Hayfaa ay 7ad enta 3wezo

Any volunteers for testing ...?

I Was Known as POSIX

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adeny te3bna we dawrna lel ragel 3ala 7al, we aho mardesh 3alina yala ady el wa7ed byet3lem

I Was Known as POSIX

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He posted his last reply yesterday at 7 pm, not too long ago. It's good that questions get answered here faster than the questioner is expecting, isn't it?

He'll be here for the answer, fear not :)


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i had asked you how that Wi

i had asked you how that Winxp machine act as gateway now what do you use ...

and i gave you 3 FOSS that do portforward on linux plz test them and give me feed back

1- How does the WInxp machine act as gateway now ( what software do you run ) 2 - test the free software i gave you be4 testing winroute plz

I Was Known as POSIX

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