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Arabic Spellchecker


I'm a new convert to Linux.

I am not a programmer/IT person.

I think it would be very useful if there was an openoffice Arabic spellchecker.

More people would use linux & openoffice.

I cannot find any Arabic spellchecker "rpm" that I can easily install.

If you know of one that works on Mandriva 2006 KDE openoffice, could you please post it?

Alternatively, could you give me an idea of the amount of effort it would take to do this?

I would be interested to pay an individual(s) or entity to develop an Arabic spellchecker for openoffice.

Can someone tell me how much this would cost and how much time it would take?

thank you for your time.

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msammer is making new speel c

msammer is making new speel checker that distro contain arabic spell checker call hassen i didnot test it.... hope you do

best Regards

I Was Known as POSIX

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I'm currently working on the

I'm currently working on the spell checker and later we might have a grammar corrector but not for now.

I'm to release a new version tonight, It doesn't work with openoffice yet and I failed to write an OpenOffice plugin.

For me, I care about he availability of a library that can implement the spell checking support, I'm not welling to build plugins to support all the applications.

Honestly, I'll build plugins for whatever applications I use "sadly I don't use openoffice".

After the checker is doe, I think I'll resign and stop working on Arabic specific applications.

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I rarely use a word processor

I rarely use a word processor and honestly, I rarely write Arabic.

I have a plugin for enchant which is the spelling backend for abiword but it's crashing.

Honestly, I'd be interrested in being paid but I didn't finda guide on how to write a plugin for openoffice, That's why it's out of my goals.

I'm not also welling to implement the arabic spell checking in every application out there. I'll implement an infrastructure "which is the baghdad library" and implement the capability in enchant so it'll be available for gnome and abiword and if KDE decided to use enchant, It'll be available too.

I said I'm thinking about stopping my arabic specific applications engine, I didn't say I'll 100% stop. why ? Because I'm really tired.

Anyway, All you can do now is ait, It'll take time but it'll be done ISA.

When I go back, I remember someone asked me about 2 years ago when I was at the AUC giving a seminar with other EGLUG'ers about an Arabic spell checker, I told her someone is working on it. I don't know what can I say today after 2 years if she asked me the same question.

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