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/me joins the idle processes pool!

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Hi everyone.. remember me ?

Great news I just finished six years of medical school :) So what ? Am I supposed to be a doctor now ? I sure don't feel like it, but hell it feels great just to relax and not have some book up my ***.

I'll be seeing you guys soon, let's shake up this community once again back to the top.


ezabi's picture

A book up your eye ;)

Welcome to real life phaeronix. See you soon. Complain, do nothing, get your free Patagonian identity.

whirlpool's picture

Congratulations doc

ألف مبروك يا دوك :-)

linuxawy's picture

marook ya doc

you'll have more than books to worry about.. and it will be in your *** too :P .. just relax and everything will come by time :)

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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