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Open Source in Business - The Egyptian Perspective -seminar ..

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Dear All ,
An awareness building seminar will be held at Sawy Culture Wheel on the third of February 2006.
Seminar precis:
Open source software is making its mark worldwide and is rapidly entering the technological mainstream. What was previou sly regarded as the work of loosely knitted teams of amateur developers is increasingly coming to be recognized as the c ornerstone philosophy from which sustainable technological advantage may be realized. In Egypt, the levels of open source adoption at the business, enterprise, and government niveau suggest that such techno logy markets may not yet have fully appreciated the paradigm shift and the associated benefits offered by the open sourc e software revolution. The enterprise and government technology environment stands to achieve much through the adoption of open source software, especially in the context of a developing country such as Egypt. We present this seminar as an introduction to the aspects of open source which concern business and government. Open sou rce is technology for development; business and government constitute the most viable social strata through which sustai nable human development as realized through and supported by open source may be achieved. At the end of the day, open source is a profitable decision to make.
Speaker: Mr. Youssef Assad ( representing EGLUG, the Arab Open Source Business Consortium,and IT Synergy. )
The River Hall - Sawy Cultural Center
Date: 3rd of February 2006 at 7:00 pm.
Attendance is free
If you know anyone who is interested in Open source or open source from a business perspective, please let them know that this session will be held.


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