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am still alive, installing [email protected], run #2

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Working now for Impact Advertising and Marketing, Seniour designer left [email protected], after cinvincing old designers to use inkscape for calligraphy and sketching... intending to do same shit [email protected], managment far more advanced ... , even gotThem interested in BlogginG/Internally ++ install Linux on a G5 lol gotta Love good Hardware....

btw. i guess i'm back in bussiness, have worked more on the Linux GFX Guide, but still need to focus...


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How about you give me a call?


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"3afwan lakad nafad raseedokom .... " i'm getting a bloody moral lecture every time i try and call, i think my mobile is posessed! seriously will do ISA once i friggin leave the brand new "no Phone line yet" office , or Mob. 010 145 32 97

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