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macish kde

macish kde

I was working hardly last week to make my KDE 3.5 look like MacOSX, but after playing with the real mac I can say it is far away from looking like mac.



You are absolutely right !!!

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does it work with KDE 3.4 ?

I'd be happy if you do not mind to tell us how did you make your KDE looks like MacOSX?

Is it a theme with some dockapps or gdesklets or even superkaramba?

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Hello WebDefacer i think ur avatar is Against eglug AUP since it's like showing hate for some groups or individuals No Hate speech against individuals or groups.

Please correnct me if i'm wrong.


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considered done

I've just noticed

Perhaps I'll review EGLUG's charter

In the world without walls, who needs WINDOWS ?

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I think it's against the

I think it's against the AUP.

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I'm sorry for being late

I'm sorry for being late in replay

the theme is called baghira, the Mac OS like docker is called kxdocker, the icons are called OS-L from kde-look,search for them in google as i don't remember any url

the top panel from kde control center -> desktop -> behaviar

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