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last chance to add your name to the list of candidates

Hi all,

as you probably know already we are having Admins elections soon @

since the previous admins team resigned, any senior user can be a candidate.

you can edit the page and add yourself.

if 72 hours pass without any changes in the list we will consider the list final, we will then ask each candidate to share with us the technical skills she has that would help her manage the website and then start elections.

cheers, Alaa


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why am i not an eligible candidate

OneofOne never logged in and he is !!!!

Anyway, hello everyone, nice to be back and see all is ok ;)

-- W. B. Yeats, He Wishes for the Cloths of Heav

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OneOfOne was an active

OneOfOne was an active member and did a lot of contributions. Unfortunately, he disappeared suddenly. I hope he's stilll alive and kicking :)

What requirements to

What requirements to become the candidate? I we admit I am engaged in optimization of white projects I have skills of work. Is a pair of projects the plans!

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phaeron --pedantic

"that would help her manage" this implies female, and manal was the only female considering participation.

So you speculate that she wins beforehand. Please correct it to him/her or only him since now all participants are male.

phaeron --unpedantic

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you need to learn how to

you need to learn how to read

the list of candidates is not fixed yet, and there are two potential women.

I did not talk about anything that happens when people win elections, I said candidates will have to present their technical skills, CANDIDATES

manal is not on the current list of candidates.


"context is over-rated. who are you anyway?"

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Here we go and you didn't read my

and you didn't read my comment either. I said :

"was the only female considering participation"

was implies not presently. Only female becaue she added her name then removed it.

And the fact there can be two females on the list doesn't affect the objection. You still have to make it him/her.

Msameer, this is the type of arguments we've been having lately. ALL the time.

And the pedantic flag was supposed to be a hint that I am joking. YOU need to drop the --offensive flag. You're always attacking.

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The smily wink was

The smily wink was supposed to give you a hint too ;-)

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If this will be the kind

If this will be the kind of discussions we'll be getting from the new admin team, Then I guess I'll build an Aspirin factory near me ;-)

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