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web based mail server

any suggestions in building a website with a ftp and mail server infrastructure.i will like to use apache webserver.

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apache is pretty

apache is pretty straightforward in most distros

you just install the packages and tadah it works.

same for ftp.

mail is a different story, I'd use postfix for smtp and dovecot for pop3 and imap

there are hundreds of documents out there to help you with each, I don't know if there is a quicky document on how to setup the three. maybe the x-eglug admin team will write this document one day since we had to learn these things to set up the server.


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random suggestions from me

an often used combination seems to be apache/proftpd/postfix/courier (or cyrus)

but maybe you better research several available options for each and pick whatever suits your needs best

at last apache for web. postfix for mail. and some random ftp daemon you can handle.

YOU are the one who knows -your- needs...

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webmail client or web mail server

the subject of you question is "web based mail server" do you mean on your question a web interface to users mail boxs.if this your question

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