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وينجو: بديل لسكايب

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سكايب ببلاش و الصوت حلو و بيشتغل زي الفل. لية بتوع الجنو لينكس كل شوية يتكلموا عن بدائل للبرامج الي بنحبها ؟

علشان سكايب برنامج غير حر و البروتكول المستخدم مقفول و شركة سكايب بس هي التقدر تستخدمة و طورة. المشكلة أكبر في بند البروتوكول، موضوع أن البرنامج غير حر و غير مفتوح المصدر مقدور عليه، مش أزمة. أنما أسلوب الأتصال و البرتوكول هم المشكلة. تخيل أن مشتركين موبينيل ميعرفوش يكلموا مشتركين فودافون أو العكس.

طبعا معنى أن وينجو GPL أنك في ظرف وقت قليل أي شاب من eglug أو مجموعة لينكس عربية يعملك نسخة مترجمة بالعربي. في سكايب بالعربي ؟ وحياتك ولا هايسئلوا فينا.

و لو عاوز تشتري رصيد للمكلمات الدولية فوينجو عاملة عرض أرخص من سكايب أوت ( 6 قروش للدقيقة لأمريكا في الأوقات الضغط على المكالمات قليل).

المهم ان طالما الناس بطلت تستخدم msn مسنجر للأتصال الصوتي في لحظة و أستخدمة سكايب أتمنى ان الناس تستخدم وينجو أحسنلهم.



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i failed to get it work under GNU/linux .. i was able to make calls but it's just answering and i can't here anything . and it's has a strage issue, i spent like 2 weeks trying to get connect with it from home and coudn't cuz they have like blacklisted IPs and limet number of accounts per the IP class or something like that . so it was a little pain for me.


Live Free Or Die...

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Not remarkable

It's just a SIP phone. There's soft SIP phones coming out of the woodwork everywhere these days, this one isn't remarkable.

I think SIP itself would be more worthy of a page post.


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there are many sip phones out there ... but few work cross platform, trespass firewalls, with video and are easy to use like skype.

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The moment I get a wifi

The moment I get a wifi sip phone'll be the moment I set up asterisk on my home server, and start using it. The only problem'll be the availability of wifi connections. I wish I can get a dual GSM/wifi phone in 1 unit!

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I know you all have better

I know you all have better phones in Egypt. But here in the US, T-Mobile's launching a WiFi @ home thing where it's WiFi and GSM.

Questions about SIP and what not... Does anyone know where I can get an Egyptian SIP # or an IAX connection that's as free as possible?

I have free incoming US #'s - They're a dime a dozen, but my mom moved back to Egypt, and until I can get her set up over there with internet, I want to be able to call her for free - as well as other family members.

This way I can modify my dialplan to use an Egyptian trunk as opposed to one here.

Thanks, Kareem

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You're encouraged to use arabic over here, so it would be of more benefit if you have an access to an arabic keyboard and use it ;)

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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My Arabish


I wish man... My Arabic stinks. I just started learning how to read and write it. I don't have an Arabic keyboard or anything, but I did try implementing some of the Arabic writing. As long as you all can bear with my lack of Arabic words and my crappy spelling, I'll put an effort to write in Arabic.

lol btw.. If you want an example of how bad my Arabic is.. If you all saw the show Hanan w Haneen... I'm the guy that kills the girl in the second episode.. lol

Salaamat & Ramadan Kareem

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this really off topic.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy


You are absolutely right !!!

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