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Stop FF memory leaks

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If you want to disable this feature just follow the following instruction:

  1. type about:config in your address bar
  2. scroll down to browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers
  3. set its value to 0 (zero)

Enjoy a less memory intensive FF


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I don't buy this argument

what exactly is saved in memory? the html content? the html, css, image, flash and anything else that get's displayed content?

or some sort of internal structure that represents the rendered output?

cause the html content is not large enough to eat all that ram, what is needed is to avoid downloading files again and to minimize diskaccess (ya3ni use ram cache and not just disk cache), but if my disk cache can be 26MB why is my ram cache larger?

anyways typical mozilla, bugs are features, resource usage is not important, etc etc etc


"context is over-rated. who are you anyway?"

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That seems like a rather odd feature.

- I'm a code junkie security enthusiast

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From their table, It's

From their table, It's caching something like 3 pages.

and they say that each page is using 4 MB

If I have 15 tabs opened * 3 pages per each * 4 MB per page = 180MB


I've disabled it and I'll try.

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yeah but why the hell use

yeah but why the hell use 4mb for a single page?

and why cache all tabs in ram?


"context is over-rated. who are you anyway?"

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Thanks a 1,000,000! If

Thanks a 1,000,000!

If it works, Then I guess I'll get rid of Opera :-)

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