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soon a new home for eglug

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for a while eglug has been hosted on my old and struggling dedicated server, however there are many good reasons for eglug to move on to a seperate hosting setup, and most important amonf these reasons is our failure to figure a way to collect server fees regularly.

a few weeks ago the admin team (that is the old one), agreed to seek help from the larger FOSS community, we sent an email asking people to donate server space for eglug, recieved a bunch of great offers, most of the offers come from NGOs, these NGOs have boards and procedures and it will take time for any of them to deliver.

it will be up to the new admin team to decide wether shared hosting is good enough or not and if not figure a way to collect the needed money, I'm still in touch with a couple of other people who might be able to offer us VPS hosting for free.

and don't forget to thank Dirk for his support.


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Thanks Thank You Mr. Dirk Slater

Thank You Mr. Dirk Slater :-)

Get my gpg key: gpg --recv-key --keyserver 4CFE7230 Key Fingerprint: C5A6 BE2B 594A F616 E3C2 9472 AC43 3D8D 4CFE 7230

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