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hi all i installed slackware 10.2 i got an intel by intel mother board D915GV with built in soun card realtek ALC880 HDA

i ran alsaconf n it found a driver for it

alsamixer n all music player r all running probably even i unmuted all the bars in alsamixer

but i still hear no sound n this /proc/modules

snd-pcm-oss 36736 0 (unused) snd-hda-intel 7488 2 keybdev 1892 0 (unused) mousedev 4020 1 hid 20868 0 (unused) usbmouse 1880 0 (unused) pciehp 66868 0 (unused) uhci 24284 0 (unused) ehci-hcd 17516 0 (unused) via-rhine 12336 1 pcmcia_core 39172 0 ide-scsi 9392 0 agpgart 45508 0 (unused)

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might need to crank up

might need to crank up master and pcm as well as unmuting

what are you playing and what with?

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